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During your visit to Tolo, the options for fun and excursions are countless. In very near destinations you will find some of the unique sights:


  • Ancient Theater of Epidaurus
  • Mycenaean Palace
  • Ancient Nemea
  • Ancient Tiryns
  • Delphi, the navel of the earth
  • Mystras
  • Olympia

The most important attraction of the village is the ruins of ancient Asini near the village, just outside Tolo. It is located on a hillside and witnesses the glory and power of its kingdom during the Trojan War. The visitor can see the remnants of prehistoric settlements and parts of the ancient walls, while Mycenaean tombs have been excavated. The construction of the Acropolis walls preserved to this day is presumed to have taken place in 300 BC by the King of Macedonia, Demetrius the Force. They have two entrances – gates. The main gate is located north, while the secondary east. The walls were repaired both during the early Byzantine period and during the Second Venetian occupation, while during the Italian occupation, fortifications were built on the Acropolis.


If you are looking for a beach, we have some great suggestions:


  • Tolo beach stretches over a mile from the organized beach of “Psili Ammos” and ends at the small picturesque port of the village where you will always see the fishing boats and various excursion boats. The location of the beach and its facilities perfectly combines the possibility of bathing, relaxing on the sandy beach and enjoying a coffee, drink or food close to the sea, as along it there are traditional tavernas, cafes and bars. At the same time you can find various accommodation that offer the absolute view of the Argolic Gulf with their balconies a breath away from the sea. The sea is shallow, mostly sandy with a few pebble points ideal for children with warm and clear waters. It is well-equipped. It features cafes, restaurants, sun loungers, umbrellas to rent, and a shower. All the facilities for modern water sports are also provided, and a children’s playground is also available. There are free parking spaces along the road in front of the beach.


  • Kastraki beach: It is small in size with stone and sand and rocky on its right side. Its bottom is sandy and its waters are spotless. It is very close to Tolo, next to the ruins of Ancient Asini. You can reach the beach by foot from Tolo or by your own means of transport.


  • Coronisi, Romvis and Daskalio: Enchanting are the beaches of the three towering islands opposite to Tolo. They are ideal for lovers of isolation, as they offer picturesque bays for swimming and fishing. You can reach by boat, water bike, canoe or jet ski and enjoy your dives in the summer. With the boats that visit these three islands, it can also travel to the beaches of Plaka and Kondili, which are far from Tolo 2 and 4 km respectively.

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